Pupil Premium

UPDATED APRIL 2017: Lewisham Virtual School is
responsible for managing pupil premium funding for looked after children and for allocating it to schools.

Download the PPG Letter to Schools 2017-18


Detailed below are Lewisham’s arrangements for the payment of this funding for financial year 2017-2018.

Applying for Pupil Premium Funding

  • The Pupil Premium Application Form is now redundant and the ePEP portal should be used to requests funds.
  • Once payment requests have been submitted for the young person through the ePEP portal, the relevant phase leader will either approve, reject or question the request.
  • To enable effective budget planning we would ask schools to complete pupil premium requests by the end of the summer term 2017.

Key Guidelines

The Pupil Premium for looked after children should be linked to the personal education plan. This will identify how funding will be spent to support the young person in accordance with their PEP targets. The PEP Review will include an evaluation of the impact of the Pupil Premium.

There is an expectation that pupil premium funding will impact directly on the learning outcomes for the individual young person and that in general there will be a narrowing of the attainment gap for young people in care through the successful application of their personal education plans.

The phase leaders are:

Payments will be made termly for each young person in care and in attendance at school.

Further details regarding how to receive payments are outlined in the PPG letter 2017-18.

SEN funding

To find out more about SEN funding, please contact the relevant phase leader.

Spending guidelines

In regards to Pupil Premium applications from a school, we are often asked to authorise the purchase of a laptop for Children in Care. We do not have a universal roll out policy for every student. Laptops will only be considered when it can be clearly demonstrated and evidenced that its use will support identified learning needs and impact on students learning outcomes.

Security, Maintenance and ICT Safeguarding
If a Laptop is purchased for the CiC, the responsibility becomes the foster carer/parent’s, endorsed by a written agreement which states all security, maintenance and regular monitoring of the laptop becomes the responsibility of the carer/parent. It is also highly recommended that foster carer ensures they go on e-safety training and that the laptop is also placed on household insurance. In the event the child moves placement and new agreement should put in place. Any laptop purchased by a school for use by children in care must have appropriate levels of security, maintained and regularly checked by school staff.