Improving Attainment for LAC in Primary Schools

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Extract from ”Improving Attainment for LAC in Primary Schools” from page 5:


This guidance is based on the evidence obtained from visits to a small sample of 14 primary schools. The schools were recommended by their local authorities as having very effective practice in supporting looked after children and ensuring that they make good progress and achieve appropriate levels
of attainment.

The schools exhibited a number of qualities in their work with looked after children and nine key qualities were identified which characterise and summarise the schools’ effective practice.

Effective schools support looked after children by:

1. Doing the things they do for all children but more so
2. Balancing high levels of support with real challenge
3. Skilfully linking each child to a key person they relate well to
4. Making it a priority to know the children well and to build strong relationships
5. Developing strong partnerships with carers1, local authorities and specialist agencies 6. Making things happen and seeing things through
7. Ensuring consistency as well as discrete flexibility
8. Actively extending the horizons of each child
9. Planning for future transitions