Children in Care Council

What is the Children in Care Council?

The Children in Care Council are a group of around 10-15 young people aged 14 – 21 that meet twice a month to talk about the issues that matter to children in care. They are of different ages and backgrounds who work hard to represent Lewisham’s children in care. All the CICC members are vital in making sure that children’s voices are heard when it comes to decisions that affect their lives. What they discuss is recorded, sometimes on paper, sometimes on film and to ‘The Corporate Parenting Panel’.

What is the Corporate Parenting Panel?

The Corporate Parenting Panel are a group of top managers from Lewisham Council as well as elected council members whose job it is to make important decisions about the lives of all children in care. The Corporate Parenting Panel will then discuss the issues that the young people have raised and respond with what they are going to do and outlining their plans to solve any issues. The adults and children also get together once every six months or so to discuss how to make things better for everyone.

Wherever you live you can have your voice listened to by getting in touch with us.

Being a member of the CiCC can be busy and challenging. CiCC represent the 500+ children that are in care from all over Lewisham, but luckily it isn’t all hard work and there’s plenty of fun stuff we do too.

We can sometimes be found ice skating, bowling, climbing, painting t-shirts and a whole range of other fun stuff.

The CiCC is always looking for enthusiastic, new and brilliant people like you to get involved and join us for our twice monthly meet ups.

If you want to step up and make a difference to the lives of Lewisham’s children in care and care leavers, then please email: or call on 0208 314 7215